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Sovam Logistics works with relevant Authorities and thus clearance is fast and efficient. Some of the Authorities include KRA, KEBS, KEPHIS, PORT HEALTH and Police.

Why are your rates so competitive? Do they include customs duty other clearance fees?

We are able to offer cheaper rates in comparison to our competition because of the excellent business relationship we enjoy with our network of agents and carriers which provide us the best routing for our consignments.

Price quotations received from our staff or our automated systems are all inclusive (all-in) from our office of dispatch up to the point of collection by the consignee.

Can I ship anything I want to?

We will ship all our clients’ general goods. Depending on several factors we will at discretion decide whether to ship hazardous goods.

Such include explosives, gases, flammable liquid, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, and organic peroxides, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive materials, corrosive materials, magnetized materials, dry ice, machines equipped with fuel tanks.

Is my shipment issured?

No. On request, we, however, facilitate the purchase of supplementary freight insurance through the air or ocean line during the freight booking process.

How long will my shipment take to arrive

Air freight

From all destinations, we serve to Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, excluding Dubai, consignment freight and clearance will take a maximum of 14 working days. Consignments from Dubai to Kenya take a maximum of 7 working days for freight and clearance.

Ocean freight

From all destinations we serve to Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, consignment freight and clearance take between 30 and 35 days.

Why dont you just use actual weight for invoicing?

By basing charges on weight alone, low-density packages become unprofitable for freight carriers due to the amount of space they take up in an aircraft.

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