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Reliable and Affordable Air Freight in Kenya

Are you looking for the best way to ship packages to Kenya or the cheapest way to send belongings overseas? Perhaps you are wondering how to import goods from Alibaba to Kenya or what is the cheapest way to ship products to Kenya.

Air freight companies offer different services at varying rates. So how do you choose the right one? And what is the best freight/cargo company?

The frequently asked question of how to ship internationally in the most cost-effective and reliable way comes down to one thing: Finding an international delivery service with the systems, infrastructure, network and expertise to handle your unique shipment with the utmost efficiency.

Sovam is a specialist provider of local and international air freight forwarding and logistical services, and a leading company in our field in Kenya. Whether you require import or export logistical services, in a personal or business capacity, or warehouse distribution assistance, we offer a range of affordable and functional courier solutions.

When it comes to air freight, we’ll make sure your goods arrive safe and sound at its destination, whether local or international. Contact us for a quote.

International Air Freight Services in Kenya

As a leading provider of global air freight solutions, we are geared to cater to your unique shipping needs through an affordable, tailor-made courier solution. We make your international package shipping a seamless process by providing clearance and preparing and lodging documents to the relevant departments. We also facilitate onsite customs and biosecurity inspections where necessary, which means that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Domestic Air freight Services in Kenya

Sovam understands the complex nature of domestic air freight in Kenya, especially when it comes to time-sensitive air cargo.We have extensive experience in organising the urgent uplift of air cargo, and deliver almost anything to almost anywhere in Kenya. Whether you need to move heavy and bulky air cargo, send a valuable package urgently, or need an economy domestic air freight solution to move your belongings across country, you can be sure that Sovam has the right transportation option at the right price.

One-stop Air Freight Solution

When searching for international air freight solutions, people often ask, “What is the cheapest international courier service?”  But what most people don’t consider is the scope of services offered by the courier. Sovam Logistics does not only offer highly competitive international shipping rates, but an all-in-one, one-stop solution for all our clients’ requirements. Having an onsite customs clearance and biosecurity inspections, we handle all aspects of your international shipment and can assure you that the process will be hassle free and stress free.

To achieve this, we have employed  a team of well-trained, dedicated and experienced staff and contractors that have the skills, knowledge and resources to deliver a consistent level of high quality services, with all the necessary guarantees, checks and assurances in place. When you work with Sovam, we guarantee that your cargo is in good hands and that it will reach its destination on time, whatever freight solution we use.

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